Based on our environmental policy, we will promote business activities that lead to environmental conservation and reduction of our environmental footprint through our efforts with environmental management systems, and contribute to a sustainable global environment. We are striving to conserve the local environment and raise awareness through forest conservation efforts and renewable energy projects.

Environmental policy

In order to put into practice the company motto "Safety, Health and Environment", we will all work on environmental activities under the slogan "Building the cleanest factory in Wakayama".
In order to develop and produce refined chemical products such as aromatic diamines in a stable manner, we not only ensure safe operations, but also continuously work to lessen our environmental impact as far as technically and economically possible, and we also try to maintain the trust and secure the peace of mind of local communities and customers.
1) We comply with environment-related laws and regulations and agreements with regions and customers, and review our self-regulation and business standards as necessary.
2) We will prevent pollution of the natural environment by harmful chemical substances and waste, and environmental risks that impair health.
3) We will strive to promote resource-saving / energy-saving activities, reduce emissions, and implement green (eco-friendly) purchasing.
4)Whether in the formulation of new products, or in the manufacturing process, or in planning improvements to existing processes or products; we will prioritize reduction of our environmental footprint and consider environmental impacts from the research and development stage.
5) By setting environmental objectives and targets and conducting internal audits, all employees in all departments will carry out regular reviews and strive to maintain or improve the environment at all times.
This environmental policy will endeavor to educate and enlighten all members of our company and partner companies, and we will disclose it to the general public as required.
Established: October 1, 1999
Revised: April 1, 2003

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