Research and Development

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Research and Development

We are conducting research and development focusing on the synthesis of aromatic diamines. We are continually searching for new aromatic diamines, focusing on core technologies such as aromatic nucleophilic substitution and reduction reactions. Of course, through basic research we can create new products but when we think of the products we have created, scaled up, and produced in large quantities at production-plant level we cannot help feel deep emotion in our hearts.

We provide the world with products only we can produce. These useful products, used in consumer electronics (PCs and smart-phones, etc.) or in curing agents (aircraft airframes, etc.), contribute to a higher standard of living.

Production Plant

The Kainan Factory is doubly capable of mass production as well as production of smaller batches of various products.
In addtion, Wakayama factory will help us meet the future needs of our customers. With efficient equipment management our factories will always be capable of producing safe and reliable products for our customers.

Human resource Development

We believe that the growth of our employees is the development of our company, and we consider it the mission of the company to maximize the infinite possibilities that each individual has and to utilize them.
In order to nurture the human resources who will bear our future, we have organized a trinity system of education, experience and support to form an environment where each employee can realize the vision of their own futures.

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